My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

God controls it all. GLH

While in my solitude, I write, and in my spirit, I sing praise unto His precious name. My heart wants to serve Him; but, in my simple and unsophisticated ways, I am left feeling inadequate and unworthy. I know the kind of man I am, simple and undeserving, but I know that God can accomplish the impossible if I am willing to put my faith and trust in Him. So much of my writing is as though God has given me a bucket full of letters and words and I have been asked to arrange them as I feel He is asking me to do. Truly there is no rhyme or reason to my endless persistency other than that of pleasing Him. He is the only way out of this world’s unmitigated madness; and, without Him, we are destined to insensitivity and fear. A life without God is a life full of pity and strife. God is that one necessity that can never be expelled. If God doesn’t control it, it isn’t important. If God isn’t concerned, we have nothing to fear. The absence of God, or godlessness, brings about wantonness and brutality. Madness permeates the heart of the deceived and their ways are likened unto the wild beasts of the field. For there to be peace, God must be in control, for there to be civility, God must reign. There is no peace where God does not reign; He is the reconciliation of us all. In God do all things consist, there is nothing that He does not control. Everything begins with God; and, as He is its creator, everything must end with Him. The supremacy of God is absolute; it is beyond dissemination or reason. All responsibilities of man are given by God and are subject to His authority and control.