My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

God loves us so much. GLH

The number one dream or endeavor of a truly wise man is to do all he must to obtain the many promises of a righteous and all-powerful God; to obtain God’s magnificent blessings, not only for himself but for the community and the world that he lives in. This is not something that we sit and ponder; it should actively consume our total being. Holy God is truly beyond limits, and as we realize His true magnificence and unlimited potential, we begin to accept and revere the total splendor of His absolute glory and might.  How could such an awesome God love us so much? Why would He take the necessary time and effort to meet us at our point of need? Doubt and skepticism have no power or ability to change what is the truth. Without our willingness to accept Him and His plan for our redemption, we have no hope of ever entering His Paradise. He paid the price that we could not pay; He was our only hope of entering Heaven. It’s His plan, His way; why should we expect or trust it to be any different? Why would He willingly give up His life so that we could go to be with Him in Heaven? God’s intent was not to prove Himself better than man; such knowledge needs no evidence or substantiation; the love of God is not about arrogance and conceit. Nothing good happens if we promote ourselves through arrogance and pride; conceit will not elevate us or take us to that place that we need to go. Going against the truth or certain reality is only a fool’s game, one day we will all surely die. Truly, any place that we find God is Heaven for without Him there can be no peace or rest. God wants to give us Heaven, but to be at home in that magnificent place, we must first be cleansed from our sins and in complete agreement and fellowship with Him. God’s intent is that we be brought into fellowship with Him by the cleansing blood of His only begotten Son. It is the perfect blood of Jesus that prepares us to meet the Holy Father. Having to go through such a meticulous, sacrificial preparation before we can enter Heaven only shows us its complete holiness and purity. God did not prefer the blood of man over the blood of His only Son, and to think so is ludicrous. Sacrificing His Son was an act of perfect, unconditional love and is not to be questioned but praised. There is no other gift so precious and so necessary (Hebrews 9:22). Anything that God chooses to do is beyond question or suspect, it is His perfect will. The steadfastness of a holy, all-powerful God goes far beyond the reliability of sinful man. Man lives in a single dimension while God is in control of the entire universe. Robes with stains of self-righteousness and vanity will be out of place in that place of pure, unadulterated perfection. Heaven is a place unspotted by the sins of this world, and for it to remain God’s eternal home, it must remain that way. As the Bible tells us, nothing that defiles will be able or permitted to enter Heaven (Revelation 21:27). This alone is evidence that everyone will not be granted entrance into Heaven. What God has decreed will forever stand even Satan and the power of sin and the world was unable to overrule God, there will be no exceptions. Heaven will forever stand as the one true place of holy perfection and unity. The innocence and integrity of a spotless sacrifice can never co-exist with the corruption and depravity of sinful humanity. God loves His creation so much that He was willing to do whatever it took to redeem them. A perfect God could not stoop down to man’s level, it was man that had to change; God has to lift man up to Him.  All our sinful acts and our bad choices must be made here on earth before we can enter Heaven. Earth is that place where we meet with God and allow Him to wash us of all our impurities and sins; in essence, to prepare us for Heaven.  Just think about how glorious that must be.