My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...


God did not have to die in order to become important to man, God is the essence of all that humanity can ever hope and dream. The vicarious death of a righteous God is there to insure and maintain our eternal salvation. All truth and wisdom lie in the creative power of an Almighty God. God’s power is absolute and His kingdom is as formidable and secure as He has proclaimed it to be. Do we question God? If God does not know the answer, who does? The important reality of any question or circumstance is what happens when we are removed from our position of manipulation or control.  The arrogant fool is boastful and proud while he is alive, but what happens when his life is taken from him.  Can he alone perform or guarantee those things that will insure his eternal freedom or desirable circumstance? Who has the strength to control the unknown or the power to defend against all happenings or undesirable conditions? A world that is ruled by happenstance is a world of chaos and fear. True faith and resilience comes in those times of earthly poverty and complete dependence. Depending upon a God of all power and wisdom is our only hope and security. Giving everything to God and relying upon Him does not give one to despair but to rejoicing. It is then, and only then, you see Him the way that He wants to be seen, caring and full of love and mercy. A loving God is a dependable God; a merciful God is a God who is always ready to forgive. As we seek His forgiveness, we gain His endless peace and perfect rest.  God’s solution to life is as reliable as it is complete; it is the only remedy that will give us those things that are desirable and of immeasurable value. God’s solution to life rests in His complete integrity and His love and power to command, there is no resolution so strong or love so pure; He is, without question, Lord of all.    GLH