My Own Melody

Christian Music With A Message...

Messages of Hope by Gary L. Hardesty

Music titles

  1. He died for Me
  2. Guide Me
  3. Everybody Needs a Savior
  4. The Devil Got the Best of Me
  5. The Only Hope
  6. Pray for One Another
  7. Love Me Forever
  8. When in Doubt
  9. Washed By Love
  10. Speak to me Lord
  11. I Have a Plan
  12. All the Way
  13. Room for Sinners
  14. Until My Last Breath

15  We All Need Someone

16 Love Divided


Original lyrics and melodies by Gary L. Hardesty

Music arranged recorded and produced by Matthew Otto and Brandon Steech

of Freehand

Recorded at Threebynine Studio (Bedford Texas) from September 2010 to April 2011

Additional vocals on “Pray for One Another” and “Washed by Love” by Carly Otto

Additional vocals on “When In Doubt” by Heather LeeAnn Schroeder

CD artwork by Larry Hardesty dha Graphyx Display and Vision Graphics, LLH

All Contents Copyright 2011 by Matthew Otto and Gary Hardesty