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Did I Say That?

Did I say that?

How is it that we feel that we should be rewarded or given some type of trophy for doing the right thing or what we should have done? Does it take courage to be honest or to do what is expected? Have we drifted so far that we do not see what is important, what should be expected? Integrity, what is it? Is it something we can live without? I do not ask these questions from anyone without first asking them from myself. I know how difficult the pressures of life can be, how painful life can become, but when we choose to excuse our bad decisions instead of confessing them and asking to be forgiven, we soon reach a point where we can no longer function. The rule in life seems to be that you do what you feel to you is right and never worry about the consequences; above all you always take care of yourself. Lie, cheat, steal, everything is acceptable if you don’t get caught or if it will give you those things you feel you deserve. I ask myself, what am I doing? I cannot write what I feel I must without incriminating myself or making myself, in the eyes of many, look like a fool. I know that I have fallen so many times and that I have failed myself and my God and that is a place I do not want to be. I cannot decide what others should do and I know many will criticize me for saying anything, I only wish them well. Self examination is something everyone should consider and do. but the world we live in tells us we must fall in line to become one of the gang. I can’t imagine that I will gain any friends for what I have to say, I may even lose a few but what value is there in having friends who become offended when you speak the truth? Many times my shortcomings have caused me to be in a place where I cannot do what I know I should or even want to do but being comfortable with sin can never give you the peace that only God can give. The truth is what it is and no matter what you will never escape its forcefulness. They say the best of men are men at best, that is not something we should use to excuse our weaknesses but it should tell us that we cannot make it without God and how much we need the help He has offered to all.
Arrogance has caused so many to err and I know that we will all be accountable for our sins. God has sacrificed His Son so that we can be forgiven. I don’t want anyone to go to hell but I know that there are many that are never sorry and will never humble themselves and ask to be forgiven. I pray that many will hear, see and obey God’s Word and seek Him and His promise to forgive. The only good reason for doing anything, anything that is worth doing is because of love. Doing something to make yourself look good or to be accepted only holds limited value and will not matter in the end. The effectual fervent prayer of a righteous man availeth much (James 5:16). While I have not always considered myself righteous and I know of no humble individual that does, God’s grace allows us to become His child and when we hold ourselves to be accountable to Him and His marvelous love, we find true acceptance and forgiveness. My prayer is that I will strive to become someone who is useful and that He will use me to His glory and praise. I pray that many will accept God’s grace before it is too late. GLH