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Life in Perspective: a book never published by GLH

Life in Perspective

A comprehensive look at life the way God has intended.

A book never published

Introduction – My Intent or Purpose

As I begin writing, I pray for God’s continual protection and wisdom. I want my life to be consistent, to have a meaning wider and deeper than life itself. Why is it that while I write my mind has cause to wander? What is it that seeks to pull me away, to cause me to falter? I pray as I write that God will give me what I am to say and that every word will be chosen and directed of Him. The seriousness of the hour cannot be overstated but in the frivolity of the world we find no true sense of reason or a need to repent. As I seek to please God, I am in opposition to the immorality and corruption of this world and I know that Satan is not pleased. The evil forces of this world will call me a fool and seek to curtail and destroy me. While in my heart I know that I am doing what is honest and productive; my flesh seeks to draw me away and cause me to doubt. My only deliverance is found in the power of God’s out-stretched hand and in Him I can find true peace and total deliverance. The only thing in this world more powerful then the forces of evil are the love and grace of a powerful, loving God and without His protection I am bound to defeat. As I seek to please Him, my desire is that He will give me the strength and courage to remain faithful and productive. I pray that God will make me a better person, not better in a self-righteous way but better in my desire and my ability to serve Him.

I am not about to say, or ever imagine, that I do not need God, and with every passing moment, I plead His absolute supervision. All that I want to do is to serve the One that has created me and has given me the hope of that brighter home with Him. I know that the evil one of this world is opposed to all that I believe and wish to express, but as I take my mind and eyes off of him and place them upon the One that has paid the price for my salvation, I am made to triumph.  It is not my intent to be harsh or critical, but in my attempt to open eyes to the truth of God’s Word, I will say what I feel He is leading me to say. While many of my words may sound bitter and harsh, I pray that the sweet love of God will ring through and that He will reveal the true compassion and love in which they have been delivered. They say that the truth hurts, but I have found that a lie is far more destructive. We have for too long given in to our immoral side and have not allowed God to be all that He wants to be. It is time that we view things as He has intended and give Him the preeminence.

If my people, which are called by my name, shall humble themselves, and pray, and seek my face, and turn from their wicked ways; then will I hear from heaven, and will forgive their sin, and will heal their land.

2 Chronicles 7:14

 Life is a journey that all of us will make but so many of us just don’t seem to be able to handle (Psalms 1:6). The irrelevant has over-taken the needed and the necessary has been exchanged for the trivial, we have placed ourselves in jeopardy and are unable to reason or understand. The true importance of life has been over-shadowed by delusions and outright deception. We have been placed in the position of hopelessness but by the grace of almighty God we have been given a chance of restoration, a chance of total victory.  Blindsided by the insensitivities of an evil oppressor, we have been stripped of our sense of reason and the ability to rationalize.  Realities, truth, logic, all have been replaced with the need or passion to experience the pleasures of life and are thought unnecessary or outdated.  We have not evolved into a more knowledgeable generation but are allowing ourselves to be deluded by our greed and lust for physical pleasure and material possessions.  It is my intent to show that without our love and obedience to God and His incessant love for His children, we will never obtain those things that are profitable and good. All of life is about finding our way back home to God and His eternal kingdom and if we miss this one crucial aspect in life we have lost everything. In essence you could say, it is all or nothing, we will gain the magnificence of an eternal paradise or we will be cast into that place of bitter pain and resentment away from His eternal peace and comfort.

Life is a struggle, a war between the righteous and the profane, a battle for the heart and the soul of the one in which it contends.  In the life of the individual there can be no true peace without the God of true peace first being acknowledged and then received. He is the only way we can gain what is profitable and He in truth is the only way unto total victory. To accept life the way it has been portrayed by the world and to refuse to acknowledge its flaws and inconsistencies is to choose the inferior over the excellent, the glorified over the damned. In the spiritual realm we have all been given the same opportunities but we will not all arrive at the same conclusions. The love of God has been given to all but all men and women will not choose to return their love back to God.

So many today are in search of the novel and the new. The old way has wearied them and they seek a way that is original and unique. In their arrogance they have chosen to refuse what God has made required and acceptable, they have substituted repentance for the defiant ways of an evil world. The requirements or needs of man today are the same as when he was created.  His importance of obtaining the necessities for life, food, raiment, shelter, the need for love and the desire to share that love with those around him are all that need guide and sustain him.  Why do we see the accumulation of wealth as such a necessity and why do we consider ourselves as failures when we do not have those things this world sees as necessary? Why do we seek after those things that are carnal; striving to obtain those things that are temporal, fulfilling the lusts of the flesh? For the accumulation of physical wealth to be of true worth it must be more than temporary or temporal and to give your life for something that will never last is senseless.  Physical pleasures cannot take us to that place of complete satisfaction and to rely upon carnal gratification to be our total hope of fulfillment will leave us in a place of wantonness and remorse.  How do we compare temporal moments of gratification to spiritual completeness or how do we find true peace in those things that are evil and unfulfilling? Substituting the inferior for the exceptional can never be considered wise and placing our expectations on the temporal will never give us those things that are eternal. God has promised to meet our needs and in doing so; He will protect us from those things that are harmful and unprofitable. It is His intent that we have only those things that are beneficial but He will not force us to go His way or to do those things He has required.

Blessed be the God and Father of our Lord Jesus Christ, which according to his abundant mercy hath begotten us again unto a lively hope by the resurrection of Jesus Christ from the dead, To an inheritance incorruptible, and undefiled, and that fadeth not away, reserved in heaven for you, Who are kept by the power of God through faith unto salvation ready to be revealed in the last time.

1 Peter 1:3-5

These are beautiful words that not only tell us of His promise but also show us the true meaning and importance of life. Words that show us a life that is blessed by the magnitude of God’s eternal promise; not a life that has been tainted by the insignificant vices of an adulterated world.  I am stunned how so many have not only chosen to go the wrong way but are purposely destroying any hope of redemption by the pulling down of all that has been placed there for their deliverance. Cursing, blasphemy, a total denial of all that is righteous and sacred has taken the place of what was once considered reverent and wise. The collective way of the world has removed not only man’s right to his righteous beliefs and opinions, but has substituted his actions with those that bring about moral decay and servitude. The enemy has caused us great harm by robbing us of our self-respect and dignity. We have progressively made things more demeaning by giving in to his perversion and divisiveness.

You cannot expect a life of depravity to compare with a life of holiness and you cannot expect a righteous God to accept the ways of the world as the payment for sin. The mind of man has been so perverted that he sees corruption as beneficial and perversion as a way to obtain peace and fulfillment. Man has placed God in a position of equality and not in that place of superiority where He belongs. What good is a God that has been stripped of all His responsibility and power? The weakness of man will never possess the power to redeem and the desire of man will never match the desire of a holy, all-powerful God. It is no longer about the security of life, family and holy living; it is all about self and a continual gratification of the flesh. In the life of the defiant, knowingly doing those things that are improper and offensive can in some ways be explained when you have been given a way to gain forgiveness; but deliberately doing what must be considered inexcusable, causing your own destruction, can never gain any form of competence or rationale. The justification of improper behavior can in no way be considered wise and to allow immoral conduct to rule or dictate can in no way be considered justifiable or sane.

God has given us His amazing love, but love that has been spurned can in no way afford us its complete salvation and atonement.  Denial of the truth and a constant rejection of all that is required can in no way prepare us to deal with the stark realities of life. Unconcern, a growing state of malevolence and apostasy all have taken the place of man’s dependence upon God; and as man has forgotten God, he has become more anxious and unpredictable. There is a way of gaining complete fulfillment and true peace but expecting to gain them from the immoral offerings of a defiant world is hopeless and foolish. Grace that has been offered us to relieve us of impulsive humiliation and the heavy burden of sin can only become useful when we place ourselves under its protection and complete restraint. Life without restriction is not, as some maintain, living life to its fullest, and having no limits or boundaries will not keep us from the undesirable and profane. To suggest that Gods way is too restrictive and will cause us to do without the enjoyment and pleasures of living life to its fullest, is to show ones ignorance and inability to rationalize.  How can we hope to justify those acts of rebellion when we know they are not what God has required of us, or how can we spit in the face of God and expect not to receive a reprimand?

It is not what we must give up to obtain eternal life that is disadvantageous; it is what we will loose if we are unwilling to accept the truth and to live for its eternal reward. Living in sin can in no way give us those things that are truly significant and to give up what is eternal for something that is only temporal holds no true benefit.  The stubborn refusal of man to see what God has made a necessity has put him in a place of complete bitterness and resentment. No more a promise of forgiveness and restitution, man has centered his affection on the many vices of this unregenerate world. In the lives of many the light of God has been snuffed out and the darkness has been allowed to swallow up or hide the precious revelations of His undying radiance.

I recently viewed a panel of young commentators, male and female, liberal in their thought and ideologies, espousing the importance of giving equality to the immoral dictates of this evil, wicked world. To them there was no line that needed to be drawn, there was no action too immoral or indecent; it was all about one’s desire to live life to the fullest, to live a life free from conviction and conscience. To them, everything was determined by one’s desire or choice to become a part of its debauchery, and there was nothing that should be said or done to discourage ones participation. Their cause to them was justifiable, but in their warped sense of reality, they had been diluted by only snippets of the truth.  To them, an explanation of what should be seen as deplorable was only an attempt at being rude and restrictive. Denying them their evil choices was an assault upon their freedom and their desire to fulfill their evil lusts. It seemed that they had been robbed of all sense and reason and they were willing, if not anxious to give support to the defiant and the damned.

I am sure they were not totally aware of their foolish behavior but had only chosen to give allegiance to the deceiver they had chosen to follow. In their preference they saw no fault in sin or depravity but gave credence to ones right of choice or preference. The world to them was the only reality and they had no thought or care of what the future would be. The choices they had made would give them no cause to hope but would only cause them to surrender their personal freedoms and their eternal souls. In their attempt of gaining this world’s acceptance and treasures they willingly gave up all that was righteous and holy. What sounded good to them had been formed in deception and lies and they were drawn into its ruse by a need to be acknowledged and admired. As I viewed their senseless behavior, I was saddened as well as angered, saddened knowing where their actions were taking them, angered that the enemy had chosen to destroy something so precious and lovely. Selling their souls to this evil world they were giving their time and allegiance to earth’s evil doctrine; perverting and corrupting the minds of all those who would listen and follow. They had chosen to go the way of the world and in doing so they had all given in to their own destruction. They had allowed this world and its folly to become their idol and in doing so they were being sacrificed unto its convenience and decadence.

No matter how long we contend, no matter how sincerely we persuade, there are only two destinations and we will all end up in one or the other. It just so happens, that one destination or road is wide and easily traveled while the other is narrow and sometimes difficult (Matthew 7:13-14). Satan has placed the carnal mind in a state of resentment and defiance so that it can no longer reason or rationalize. His intentions are to relieve man of his sanity and to bring him into that place of hopelessness and utter depravity. We all begin at the same place, upon the wide road, but if we are alert we will soon discover that the other road is the best one to travel.  It is the only one that will take us to a desirable destination; it is the only road that will take us unto our Creator. To do it right, we need to be traveling with a companion and not alone, we need to have a navigator or someone that knows the road and knows where we are going.  Of course, if we have chosen wisely that navigator will be none other than Jesus because He is the only one that can get us to a place of full enjoyment, a place of peace and rest.


Enter ye in at the strait gate: for wide is the gate, and broad is the way, that leadeth to destruction, and many there be which go in thereat: Because strait is the gate, and narrow is the way, which leadeth unto life, and few there be that find it.

Matthew 7:13-14


The Word has been given; the warning is plain and effectual. We will travel at our own peril or we will willingly accept the assistance our Creator has provided us. So many of us, as we travel, become sidetracked by the distractions of this world and never get upon the right road to continue the trip. So many get lost or disoriented and will not make it to the proper destination. So many will get enamored by the trip and forget to strive to meet their destination when the destination is the real objective and not the trip. Frustration, loneliness, boredom, exhaustion and so many distractions will cause us to give in or give out and we fail to meet the final objective. The one tragic circumstance is that so many choose to travel alone and end up traveling the wrong road. So many choose the wrong navigator and are led away into peril and destruction. So many seek bad counsel and do not question its integrity or correctness.

There is no bigger blessing in life than that of allowing God to lead. To paint the reality of life as hopeless and our chance for peace as futile is to surrender to the evil will of this world. There is no sweeter comfort than knowing that God is doing all that He has promised to meet our many needs. Having to make choices is not the primary burden of life, refusing to do what is necessary and required is what places us in a place of difficulty and discomfort.  It causes us to bare all the responsibility and does not require God to meet any of our needs or to bare any of our burdens. God has lovingly positioned Himself in that place of responsibility when He died upon the cross. That is not a place that we being human could ever attain. Many have died to obtain freedom from the tyranny of this world but the freedom from sin could only be obtained by the blood of a spotless lamb.

Success is not gaining the treasures of and evil world or becoming a part of its deception and devices. Giving in to this world’s demands can in no way give us what is needed or required. Everything must be properly planned; everything must be taken seriously if we are to succeed. Placing our present day focus on those things that are temporal; while allowing this world to consume our intent and motive can give us only those things that are insignificant and materialistic. Each day we live we are building upon what one day will become our eternal destiny and home. As we allow God to make us what He wants us to be, we will in turn be gaining His true victory.

True success is found at the end of our trip and not during it.  The many things that we accumulate while we are traveling only become the weights and burdens that slow us down and weary us.  God will meet our needs and His promises will never be left unfulfilled. As we depend upon Him, He will shower His many blessings upon us. The dependability of God is without question and as we match up to His divine will, everything will be pleasant and enjoyable. Pleasing God is what our life should be about and as God sees our faithfulness; His abundant goodness will be there to protect and bless us. As we travel, we are not in competition but have all been given the same objective. The true reward is to be found faithful and determined in arriving at the correct destination. We have only one opportunity to succeed; we will not be given another. The place that we reach will become our final, eternal dwelling. At the end of our journey we will be given either a prison or a palace, the choice is ours. At the end of our journey we will be given either a place of rest or a place of eternal torment. All of life is about something much greater than that life itself. The short time here on earth is just the preparation of what is yet to come.

God is man’s only chance of logic or reason. So many people really do not understand but so many more just do not want to accept the truth. True judgment must begin with the wisdom of God and end with that same truth or perception. In John 14 when Jesus said that He was the way it meant that He had everything planned; He had everything under control; He was our only solution. Getting to know God can be our only reprieve and His way is the only way to victory. The love of God is life’s truest constant and in that love we will find all that is needed, all that is required. It is impossible to have it both ways, and to just assume that things will work out no matter what you choose is to fall for the unforeseeable. God has given us a way and He has made it simple and understandable. You cannot separate the truth from reality and hope to arrive at a desirable destination. The facts that determine our state of being will in fact take us to that place they are commanded to follow.

Don’t expect the best of God if you are not willing to do what you must do to get it.  The only ones that will get what God would like to give all of His creation are the ones that become His obedient children. When you become a child of God you become a child not a parent, you become part of God’s family. That means that you have been placed under the responsibility and authority of God your Heavenly Father. Being your Father, makes Him the one in control, being your Father gives Him the right and responsibility of leadership. You have been placed under His watch and protection.

I am a father here on this earth and being a father I have been given several children. I have given my life to God who has become my Heavenly Father but so have my children given their hearts to Him. That would make me in the spiritual realm not only their father but also their brother in Christ. We, as repentant sinners, all become brothers and sisters in Christ when we accept Him as our personal Savior. While on earth my children are my responsibility, I am the responsibility of the one true God. When my children accepted Him, they also became His responsibility. That’s double protection.

From my beginning God created me and because of my acceptance and obedience to Him, He has become my Heavenly Father.  He has taken what was temporal and made it eternal. He has taken all my sins and traded them for what is holy and undefiled. In His awesome love He has given me the many treasures of His blessed heaven. The one really awesome difference is that He can and has given me as His child, far more than I have given any of my children. The reason for that is not because I do not love my children, but because He owns it all and can give them so much more. All that I give my children is temporal while many of God’s blessings are eternal. The many blessings of God are without end and through His love He has promised to meet our every need. God loves all men the same and in His love He has promised to give us those things that are necessary and required.

When we talk of the temporal world, things are so much more limited than with God in the spiritual realm. God can meet all of my needs, both here on earth and those things that are spiritual. His plan for my life is complete; it will never fail to meet my greatest expectation. In the temporal world we will all die, while in the spiritual we will live forever. When we become a spiritual being we are changed, as the Bible refers to it “all things become new” or we have been made aware of those things that are spiritual. What a blessed promise is found in the atoning blood of our precious Lord.


Therefore if any man be in Christ, he is a new creature: old things are passed away; behold, all things are become new. And all things are of God, who hath reconciled us to himself by Jesus Christ, and hath given to us the ministry of reconciliation; To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.

2 Corinthians 5:17-21

Once we have been accepted into the family of God, we are no longer of this world but become the personal property of the One that has saved us. As the Bible refers to it, (1 Corinthians 6:20) “For ye are bought with a price: therefore glorify God in your body, and in your spirit, which are God’s”. We are no longer to give ourselves unto the things of this world but we are to live holy as unto the Lord. As Gods spirit is placed within us, our passions, our actions, our friends should reflect His power and commandments.

Because the carnal mind is enmity against God: for it is not subject to the law of God, neither indeed can be. So then they that are in the flesh cannot please God. But ye are not in the flesh, but in the Spirit, if so be that the Spirit of God dwell in you. Now if any man have not the Spirit of Christ, he is none of his.  And if Christ be in you, the body is dead because of sin; but the Spirit is life because of righteousness. But if the Spirit of him that raised up Jesus from the dead dwell in you, he that raised up Christ from the dead shall also quicken your mortal bodies by his Spirit that dwelleth in you.

Romans 8:7-11

Before you will ever be able to live the abundant life that Jesus has come to give you, you must first have that guarantee of eternal life with Him in Heaven. To become a Christian you must have the Spirit of God dwelling within you. You do not get to go to Heaven just because you are such a good person or because you think that you deserve to go.  No one is born spiritually pure or without the need for God’s redemption. Believing there is a God does not get you into Heaven. His Word says that the devil believes in God but that does not assure him a place in Heaven. “Thou believest that there is one God; thou doest well: the devils also believe, and tremble” (James 2:19). Money or massive personal wealth has no merit and it really doesn’t matter how much this world worships you or desires you. To obtain Heaven you must relinquish your hold on this world and place it in the hands of the Heavenly Father. Heaven is only for those that have been redeemed by the blood of Jesus Christ the Lamb. Without a personal relationship with Jesus the Son of God, you have no hope of ever entering Heaven. Thinking that this is somehow too demanding or unfair will leave you nowhere but unregenerated and without a willingness to change, you will be left totally lost.

Is your temporal satisfaction and pleasure more important to you than your eternal soul? Does your pride allow you to be open and honest with yourself or do you sacrifice your well-being out of arrogance and conceit? Have you spent time in trying to understand what creation is all about, or do you recklessly accept what this world has to say about your origin and your reason for existing? Living in a jungle is comparable to living in a cruel, harsh world and suggesting your ancestors were untamed apes compared to one with no civil thought or reason. Actions of the natural or undomesticated do mimic a cause or pattern of survival or self-indulgence but in the wisdom and love of God achieve a different intent or purpose. God did not allow His Son to die for the plants and animals but created them for the survival of man. God did see that His creation was good but created all that was created before He created man (Genesis 1). In essence, you must build the house before you can inhabit it as God created the many things of earth before He created man; the one this earth was created for.

Do you believe that man is as important and powerful as God? Why is it that Jesus came to this world?  Do you believe Jesus came here because He had nothing better to do? Would you willingly give up a place as phenomenal as Heaven to live on a cursed planet called earth?  The one and only reason Christ came here was to redeem His children, those that would listen to Him and ask Him for His help and forgiveness. This world, without the love God has shown it would be a difficult if not impossible place to live. Any tranquility or ability to unite in peace or harmony is directly attributed to the Spirit of God. The evil that abides in the heart of mankind does not promote love but vengeance; it does not insure peace but war. The only authority that is able to make us worthy is in the hand of a righteous God, the only power to cleanse is in the blood of His blessed Son. If we are willing to study the true reality of life we are sure to find how completely limited we really are; limited in the sense that we are in total need of God’s love if we are to exist, if we are ever to survive.

Do you believe you are good enough to do everything without His assistance? If not, do you search for support among those that you call friends? Do you refuse someone’s help for fear it will obligate or make you feel indebted to them? Seeking help is not a weakness but shows ones maturity and ability to rationalize. God has offered everyone His hand. Without all that Love has offered us we wander here with no hope or chance of refuge. Whether you chose to believe it or not, it would be impossible to roam a world that was not forever evident of God’s magnificence and power. You are dependent upon God whether you choose to be or not.  If you are too proud to accept His assistance, then you will be forever wandering this world alone and afraid. Asking God for His help is not proof of your weakness, it is only evident of your need. Needing Him is proof of our weakness, while loving Him is the source of our strength. When you ask someone for help, you do not tell that person how you want everything done; you are just appreciative of their willingness to help.

Jesus came so that none of us would have to go to a devil’s hell. He came to rescue those that He so ardently loved.  He created hell and He knows just how really terrible it will be there without Him.  Because of their insurrection, He created hell for Satan and all of his angels.  “Then shall he say also unto them on the left hand, Depart from me, ye cursed, into everlasting fire, prepared for the devil and his angels” (Matthew 25:41).  He had to have a place to send the rebellious and the abominable because of their rebellion they could no longer be permitted up in Heaven.  Heaven is His perfect place and God in His wisdom and majesty will not allow any corruption or sin to enter there (Revelation 21:27). Because of His compassion for us, He did not want any of us to have to go to hell.  The choice is yours and you will go there if you so choose, but it has never been God’s intention that you do.

The Lord is not slack concerning his promise, as some men count slackness; but is longsuffering to us-ward, not willing that any should perish, but that all should come to repentance.

2 Peter 3:9

For the wages of sin is death; but the gift of God is eternal life through Jesus Christ our Lord.

Romans 6:23

These words are not intended to frighten you or to place fear and resentment into your heart, but to tell you that God loves you and wants you to become one of His children.  He has made the way; all that you are required to do is accept it.  Denying the truth or feeling that this world is all that you will need does not give you any assurance of heaven.  The saddest and the most profane words that I have ever heard are, “I’ll take my chances”.  Sad in that they show a lack of concern and discernment, profane in that they show distaste for God.

Hell is not a word of profanity; hell is that place of torment away from God. The entrance into hell is not determined by the lottery or a stroke of bad luck, it has been left up for you to choose. Heaven is only a gamble to those who refuse its certainty. God has made it very clear that no one will enter His paradise without repentance and forgiveness of their sins. To assume there is another way is sheer folly, and attempting to justify your sins will only leave you discouraged and unforgiven. Just as sure as there is a hell, if you wind up there, it was your choice. That is not to say that you intended to go to hell, but that you did nothing to see that you did not end up there. God does not make anyone go anywhere that they do not want to go. You may think that you will not end up there just because you do not want to go there, but it just isn’t that simple. While just thinking happy thoughts in your mind; when there is nothing that gives you true peace within your soul, is empty and foolish. The only true winners are those that have been washed by the precious blood of the Lamb. Sinners that remain in their sins have no chance of entering heaven.

This idea that has been perpetuated by false leaders, that God requires nothing but goodness and responsible living is heresy. Anyone that buys into such nonsense is destined to hell without Jesus as his or her redeemer. Without God’s forgiveness, you can never be a winner. With God there can be no exceptions. If God was to excuse or over-look the sins of one sinner, He must and would over-look the sins of all. God has a perfect plan and for it to remain perfect it must be faultless or without question. It doesn’t matter how safe you have been told that you are, or how safe you yourself have rationalized yourself to be, without being saved from the sins that you have committed, you will go to hell. Jesus is the only one with the power to forgive and without having His blood applied to your life you will never be forgiven. Unforgiven souls do not inherit eternal life with Him; it’s just that simple. While this may be hard to hear, it is simple and absolute. He has made His forgiveness just as simple and His salvation just as absolute. If you are willing to believe in Him and ask His forgiveness, He will give it to you.

Ask, and it shall be given you; seek, and ye shall find; knock, and it shall be opened unto you: For every one that asketh receiveth; and he that seeketh findeth; and to him that knocketh it shall be opened.

Matthew 7:7-8

It doesn’t matter how high up you are in the affairs of the church, or how pious or devout you have become. Without a true humbling of spirit, and a genuine sorrow for the sins you have committed, you have not been saved from eternal condemnation. Arrogance and an unwillingness to hear can only cause you misery and grief.  Everything that you need to know can be found between Genesis and Revelation and without that Book being your benchmark you have no place to go but hell. These are not words I pen lightly; they are not words that only I must hear. I am brought to tears when I think that so many will refuse to listen. Calling me foolish and saying that I am a fool will not make His Word of no avail or keep me from proclaiming God’s holy truth. I must write what I have been given to write and as I seek God’s perfect truth I will not err from that truth.

In essence, there is really no stairway to Heaven, only one step.  You do not get closer to Heaven or get to take one step closer by being good, then by thinking kind thoughts and then by doing a kind deed. Your place in Heaven is not determined by the success you have obtained on earth and the sanctimonious life that you lead can never substitute for true repentance. The reward of Heaven has been offered you as a gift.  The atoning blood of Jesus Christ has already purchased Heaven for all by the sacrificial death of Jesus Christ the Holy Lamb of God.  The choice of eternal security is an all or nothing decision.  The only step to Heaven is by trusting upon Jesus; He is the only way to Heaven.  There’s no debate or rationalizing, you will be saved or you will not, the decision is yours to make.

Out of necessity, Gods way must be simple, it must be sure and it must be dependable.  It must be simple or clear so that the most simple-minded can understand.  It must be sure or certain so that there is no chance of hesitation or doubt.  It must be dependable or unalterable so that it will be acceptable and assured (Hebrews 7:24-28). To rationalize or suggest that there can be any other way into Heaven is to doubt the truth and perpetuate the lie.  Satan has intentionally perverted everything that is honest and pure and has no intention of directing you anywhere but hell. It doesn’t matter whether you are sincere about your belief or whether you are intent upon causing doubt and confusion, a lie is a lie and God will not honor those that are not honest and truthful. Sincerity is in no way a propagator of the truth. It is possible to be sincere and still be mistaken.  It is impossible to get into Heaven without accepting Jesus as your personal friend and savior. To be sincere only shows a deep desire for what you have been made or chosen to believe.  Without the truth, sincerity is misguided and has no importance or magnitude.  Being born is not a guarantee of heaven, while being born again is the only way into God’s eternal Paradise (John 3:3).

The first thing that we must consider is truth. The certainty of God is a constant and it will out live the discipline of time. Truth is that quality that determines the relevance or importance of any fact or reason. The truth or candor of God was determined before creation and must be maintained in the form or thought which God intended. Man has not been given the right or ability to alter what God has determined as truth. In the arrogance of man he has placed himself into the uncertainty and confusion of disobedience while condemning his eternal soul to a place of pain and eternal torment. Man sees everything from a mortal perspective and, within himself, has not the desire or ability to change. He has rationalized everything to be as he requires and has deemed God irrelevant and unimportant. It is never wise to become close-minded about any topic, idea or individual.  If you can be proven wrong, it is only wise to accept your fallibility and gain from it. A wise person never stumbles on his own delusions. A prudent individual will never be sent to hell out of their lack of desire and determination. We must learn to depend upon God and to rely upon His total benevolence. Everything in life depends upon Him and without Him we will never be in that place we should be, that place where He wants us to be.  Truly, He is life and without Him we will surely perish.

This world has grown increasingly hostile to the things of God. Morality and the need or desire to be found holy is no more considered as profitable or needed.  Being normal or accepting what the world considers as ordinary is all that is considered necessary. We are swallowed up by the idea that God exists but is only needed when a problem arises or when we die. Our survival is not about the things of God but about the things this world can offer us. We no more rely upon Him but willingly desire the things of an evil world. We as a world have become immorally impoverished and insensitive to those things that are righteous and essential. Living today has become a moment of selfish achievement allowing the corruption and distortion of the truth to become our desire and master. We have made ourselves weary by our own folly and have given our immorality the right to destroy and bury us. This in and of itself is the best definition of catastrophic; but while intense, it’s terribleness gives rise to the hope and promise found in Jesus the righteous Son of God. Impoverished but not alone; lost but given that possibility of life in Him. We have a noble cause but it must be gained through our dependence and acceptance of God. We have a splendid promise but it can only be obtained through our trust in Him.