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I recently had to go to the hospital for some medical procedures, and while there, I red a copy of a magazine titled “Guideposts”. One of the things that interested me the most was an article called The Upside. While I was waiting, I decided to write a few of my own and this is what I came up with. I hope you enjoy it. It is surprising how just a few words can say so much.

101 Power Phrases

If you wish to see what is truly beautiful, close your eyes and dream of Heaven.

To understand true peace you must first walk through the storm with Jesus as your true deliverance.

The simplicity and joy of life is seen as you allow God to lead you day by day.

It is possible to want in times of plenty, but it is not possible to be in want when you are in the center of God’s will.

The material things in life are not our true blessings. True blessings come from knowing that we are secure in the love of a gracious God.

How do you compare temporal with eternal, or how do you glorify the things of this world over the things that are of God?

How do we expect morality or principles to stand when we in our lives are unwilling to take a stand?

How do we determine what is important when we view everything as insignificant or worthless?

What is to be truly desired? A life lived for a selfish purpose, or a life lived in sacrifice to God? What do we hope to gain by living only for self?

If a fool and his money are soon parted, what would you call a person who gives up the eternal blessings of God for the momentary pleasures of an evil world?

The boundless promises of God are intended for all. Why is it that so few have eagerly claimed them?

If true wisdom is doing what is considered wise, why is it that self-righteousness is bound up in the heart of a fool?

Knowing the truth will set you free only becomes liberating when it is allowed to remove the chains that bind you.

Accepting the truth as a constant is to know the fullness of true wisdom; and, to know that wisdom is from God, is the beginning of complete understanding.

You cannot have peace where chaos abounds; and, to have tranquility, harmony must flourish.

Kindness reigns in the heart of the wise, but thoughtlessness is the task of a fool.

Bad decisions do not destroy what is considered sensible, but the inability to forgive will ruin a friendship.

Accepting the faults of another will prove your desire to forgive, while refusing to forgive yourself will only lead to your complete destruction.

Depending on those things that are temporal will assuredly bring you sorrow while putting your faith in God will lead to your eternal joy.

Never strike a match when the environment is unstable or speak your piece when you have been proven amiss.

Opinions are only as good as the one that delivers them.

Honesty is the cornerstone of integrity; and, without the truth, all commitment will fail.

It is said to live without principles is to follow the world, but to live a life of true purpose, you must follow after God’s own heart.

A life lived without love is a life lived without true joy.

To be accepted is considered of great magnitude, but to be truly loved is more than life itself.

True love cannot be totally explained; it cannot be easily discarded. It will cause the heart to leap for joy, or it will crush the forsaken under its weight of tears.

To justify what is foolish is the acceptance of death, but to seek to do good is life eternal.

What God sees as necessary is the only way you can achieve true success.

The right of equality was purchased at an enormous price and it can only be maintained with the same behavior.

Governments do not give you what is free; they only give you what was purchased by the sacrifice of another.

Freedom cannot be maintained under the rule of a tyrant and to keep silent when you are being cheated will only guarantee your eventual loss.

Arrogance does not give one the right to be condescending, but humility will insure one a place of true recognition.

A thoughtful heart will find a place of complete contentment while a raging heart will only be destined to suffer.

It is impossible to please God and become a failure while it is not possible to go your own way and gain true success.

Assurance is in the heart of the believer while the skeptic will always remain doubtful and afraid.

A gracious God will forever hear the prayers of the sorrowful, but the ways of the unrepentant will only lead to fear.

The goodness of God does not demand his attention; it is only given because of his ardent love.

Those who are idle do not obtain self-worth, and to be at rest one must be satisfied by the accomplishments of their own hands.

Retribution is not obtained by hurting another and to seek revenge only makes you as small-minded as your offender.

Revenge may seem sweet but to justify evil because of the actions of another will only leave you discontented and shameful.

A lie can never take the place of the truth and to consider telling what is untruthful will never accomplish a good end.

If you must lie to obtain what you consider your inheritance then what you consider yours must belong to another.

A desire to share comes from God while the need to hoard only shows your lack of faith.

In patience we obtain the ability to endure while an impatient man will only find discontentment and sorrow.

The ability to forgive will heal and restore while resentment can only cause pain and bitterness.

To gain a friend is a true achievement and to keep their friendship a true treasure.

Hiding your sins from God is as impossible as saving your own soul and is as productive as draining the ocean with a straw.

Ignorance is not the absence of thoughtlessness; and, the lack of knowledge does not justify disrespect.

To be considered a fool is no great achievement; and, to obtain knowledge will not guarantee your best behavior.

True joy in life is not obtained by gaining enormous wealth; but, the unexpected affection of a friend can cause one to rejoice.

The higher you journey upon the mountainside the farther you will travel when you fall.