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Chapter Thirty-nine: Epilogue: Comments from the Author.

At some point in my writing, I considered it would be good policy to construct an outline to express my intentions and to guide me in my writing. Being a rebel, I often take a road seldom traveled; but, by doing so, my intent is to view things from a different perspective, not to be considered defiant. I do not wish to discard the accepted rules or methods of writing, but most of what I have written is by inspiration. I am not an author, nor do I possess the skills or attitude of a writer. All I have written [Read More…]


  Whether I am saved and I tell the world about its wonderful God, the One who created it all; or, being lost, I warn them about my empty, unfulfilled life, my recommendation would be the same. Whether I am saved or lost, He is still the best option. Trusting in Him gives my soul true meaning and purpose; it gives me eternal prosperity and the blessed hope of a better day.  Without Him I was full of doubt and despair, I was alone and afraid. I had no peace or security, nothing to hold on to, nothing good to [Read More…]



God loves me so much that He only has my well being at heart; He wants to be the supreme leader of my life. That does not mean that I will not have difficult times in my life. It does mean that He will be with me through those times and that I will be granted insight into His eternal love and protection by having to go through those times. If we consider the things we are compelled to endure as difficult and painful, of what merit is it if God sees them as important and redeeming? When I see [Read More…]


  LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE… unpublished TITLE PAGE DEDICATION ACKNOWLEDGEMENTS Table of Contents PREFACE INTRODUCTION – PURPOSE AND INTENT   Something in Life I Know to Be True Life in Perspective What Life is all About? Who is God? God’s Prescribed Order God, the True Deliver of Fallen Man Gifts Given Us from God God Will Chasten His Child The Necessity of God and His Spirit What This World Can Give What is Life Eternal All About? What is Sin? Living in our Comfort Zones Giving My Life to God The Reward of Righteous Living God, the Same Yesterday, Today and [Read More…]


LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE… part five PREFACE: “And whosoever will be chief among you, let him be your servant: “Even as the Son of man came not to be ministered unto, but to minister, and to give his life a ransom for many” (Matthew 20:27-28). As we view the heart and mind of Christ, what is there in this life that can take precedence or preeminence?  What makes service to self more desirable, more important?  As we strive to gain those things that are of true worth; the sacrifice of self is the only way we can gain those things that [Read More…]


LIFE IN PERSPECTIVE… part four PREFACE: As a Christian the best time to serve God is now, the best time to quit is never.  A successful Christian is always “on call” and is always listening for God to speak.  That may not always be convenient, that may not always be your preference, but it will be the best and most rewarding time of your life.  Much of what I have written was not written when I felt like writing it, it was written when God gave it to me.  Many times I have discontinued doing what I was doing to [Read More…]


  Excerpts from my unpublished book, “Life in perspective… PART ONE  PREFACE  I am not supposed to be here, but I am.  You might consider this an unusual, even bizarre, beginning but let me explain. Life with its twists and turns, up’s and down’s, uncertainties and frailties has been granted to all of us; and it becomes our duty, yes, even our responsibility, to treat it with respect and reverence. We have been placed here for a purpose, and, unlike the belief of many, that purpose is not to fulfill our evil desires or to revel in the disobedience of [Read More…]


To lift you up in life my greatest treasure To honor you is life’s only reward No better thought can give what I desire To walk with you my Savior and my Lord   I long to be someone that you can use Lord Someone that has your power in his hand Making the way I go to be completely The way that you desire you command   To lift you up in life my greatest treasure To honor you is life’s only reward No better thought can give what I desire To walk with you my Savior and my [Read More…]


  No matter how long we contend, no matter how sincerely we persuade, there are only two destinations; and we will all end up in one or the other. It just so happens that one destination, or road, is wide and easily traveled while the other is narrow and sometimes difficult (Matthew 7:13-14). Satan has placed the carnal mind in a state of resentment and defiance so that it can no longer rationalize. His intentions are to relieve man of his sanity and to bring him into that place of hopelessness and utter depravity. We all begin at the same [Read More…]