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Messages of Hope by Gary L. Hardesty

Music titles He died for Me Guide Me Everybody Needs a Savior The Devil Got the Best of Me The Only Hope Pray for One Another Love Me Forever When in Doubt Washed By Love Speak to me Lord I Have a Plan All the Way Room for Sinners Until My Last Breath 15  We All Need Someone 16 Love Divided   Original lyrics and melodies by Gary L. Hardesty Music arranged recorded and produced by Matthew Otto and Brandon Steech of Freehand Recorded at Threebynine Studio (Bedford Texas) from September 2010 to April 2011 Additional vocals on “Pray [Read More…]

God’s Gentle Whisper: written & sang by GLH

To Lift You Up: written and sang by GLH

Message from God___It’s all God

Message from God___It’s all God. My life is of no value without you Lord. If you do not lead, I have no one to follow, if I can not follow, than I have no where to go, because I have not been given the power to lead.  I know what is expected of me, but I am not complete in and of myself, I must wait upon the Lord.  I need to do what is expected of me if I am to be successful or to be at peace.  I do not want to wait, I do not find any [Read More…]


COMPLETE SONG LIST PDF F6ILES – ALPHABETIZED   (Some titles may need editing. List is the most accurate to date 01/29/2013. Some duplicate titles have been renamed.)   A A Forgiving God   5__No9.PDF A Holy Life 56__02.PDF A New Name   2__No6.PDF A Child Was Born 41__No12.PDF A Few Small Coins 23__No6.PDF A Fool For Jesus 24__No10.PDF A God Example 22__No9.PDF A Job To Do 31__No7.PDF A Little Bit of Happy 11__No3.PDF A Million Songs 43__No07.PDF A New Direction 12__No3.PDF A Piece Of Heaven 29__No9.PDF A Place I Can Turn 29__No3.PDF A Solemn Night 20__No7.PDF A Sons Prayer 15__No4.PDF A Spotless [Read More…]




Security, what is it? Where does it come from? Recently I was given the opportunity to enter the Publisher Clearing House $5,000.00 a week lottery. Having a lot of instances where I could put that money to good use, I was thinking how nice it would be to win such a contest.  It seems that there is never enough money to go around and that there are more causes than cures. The house is in need of repairs; and, the family is in want of what they consider, the necessities of life. The church warrants my financial assistance; and it [Read More…]


  Whether I am saved and I tell the world about its wonderful God, the One who created it all; or, being lost, I warn them about my empty, unfulfilled life, my recommendation would be the same. Whether I am saved or lost, He is still the best option. Trusting in Him gives my soul true meaning and purpose; it gives me eternal prosperity and the blessed hope of a better day.  Without Him I was full of doubt and despair, I was alone and afraid. I had no peace or security, nothing to hold on to, nothing good to [Read More…]


NOT GOOD ENOUGH” WRITTEN & SANG  Thursday, ‎August ‎16, ‎2007, ‏‎6:53:06 PM by GLH

LINKS TO MY MUSIC YOUTUBE PAGE… no. 2 Oh boundless love One day soon Only God Only in your presence Perfect sacrifice There’s so much Thinking of mama This burden I carry This man called Jesus This world keep sucking me in Thy word is a treasure Turn your light on me Until my last breathe Thank you MaMa That would be me that would be Him The best is yet to come The eyes of God The great solution The hope of any nation The love of [Read More…]