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God loves us so much. GLH

The number one dream or endeavor of a truly wise man is to do all he must to obtain the many promises of a righteous and all-powerful God; to obtain God’s magnificent blessings, not only for himself but for the community and the world that he lives in. This is not something that we sit and ponder; it should actively consume our total being. Holy God is truly beyond limits, and as we realize His true magnificence and unlimited potential, we begin to accept and revere the total splendor of His absolute glory and might.  How could such an awesome [Read More…]


God did not have to die in order to become important to man, God is the essence of all that humanity can ever hope and dream. The vicarious death of a righteous God is there to insure and maintain our eternal salvation. All truth and wisdom lie in the creative power of an Almighty God. God’s power is absolute and His kingdom is as formidable and secure as He has proclaimed it to be. Do we question God? If God does not know the answer, who does? The important reality of any question or circumstance is what happens when we [Read More…]

God controls it all. GLH

While in my solitude, I write, and in my spirit, I sing praise unto His precious name. My heart wants to serve Him; but, in my simple and unsophisticated ways, I am left feeling inadequate and unworthy. I know the kind of man I am, simple and undeserving, but I know that God can accomplish the impossible if I am willing to put my faith and trust in Him. So much of my writing is as though God has given me a bucket full of letters and words and I have been asked to arrange them as I feel He [Read More…]

Intimacy …glh

We were created in the likeness and image of God; and, God, in His intimate plan for man, yearns to be loved and adored (Matthew 23:37). For any relationship to be exceptional and life giving, intimacy must be an essential part. The problem in society today is that everything is taken out of context; and, we use our worldly desires to justify our sinful passions and lust. Personal intimacy, or the act of being intimate, has nothing to do with sexual impropriety or perversion; and, no matter how hard we try to justify our inappropriate actions, God will hold us [Read More…]

Chapter Eleven: The True Purpose of Life.

Of what good or importance is the purpose-driven life if faith and trust in its creator do not drive it? God is the only true purpose; He is the only one who can give any life reason or direction. If the purpose or action of a purpose driven life is merely to bless and prosper the life of the one who is doing the manipulation, then it is being driven by or for the wrong intent or purpose. Self-centered actions are of little value and possess minimal benefit. When we center ourselves on self, we create a dismal state of [Read More…]

Chapter Twelve: God, the True Giver of Abundance.

Abundant living is lived mostly in the spiritual realm and must be built and directed by the one true director of that realm. The thief cometh not, but for to steal, and to kill, and to destroy: I am come that they might have life, and that they might have it more abundantly. I am the good shepherd: the good shepherd giveth his life for the sheep. But he that is an hireling, and not the shepherd, whose own the sheep are not, seeth the wolf coming, and leeaveth the sheep, and fleeth: and the wolf catcheth them, and scattereth [Read More…]

Chapter Ten: The Purpose-Driven Life.

Recently, there has been a lot said about this topic, and I feel like much of it has only been opinion and not fact. It is misleading to suggest that we gain true fulfillment by doing those things our evil desire demands. To tell someone, “If it feels good, do it,” will, in many cases, cause him or her much distress and eventually send them to hell. How do you pretend to show wisdom or affection by leading someone in the wrong direction, or how do you make something more agreeable by adding confusion? In the Christian life, you do [Read More…]

Chapter Nine: My Credibility for Writing.

I am sure there will be many who view my writing as nonsense, and I will be viewed as a fanatic; but, for this book to be credible, it must be supported in whole by the Holy Word of God. That means I will not seek to issue my opinion or the opinion of any other and will stick to God’s infallible Word for my substantiation. Opinions today are short-lived and insignificant; and, for my writing to have any force or power, it must be factual. I do not view myself as important or necessary. God can and will use [Read More…]


We live in a world of adversity, misrepresentation and total belligerence. The heart of man has been lied to, cheated on and otherwise treated with hatred and disrespect. We are given the command to be courteous and kind; or, as the Bible puts it, to “love one another” (John 15:12). All around us we see a world that is crying out, not for the wealth and power as one might expect; but, for love. Truly, the one thing that is missing, the one answer or solution to every problem or difficulty, is the quality of universal, unrestricted love. Love joins [Read More…]


True wisdom comes from God… Everyone should learn to think for themselves. Whether it is accidental or intentional, the absence of knowledge will generally lead to foolish thought or action. Showing misjudgment or stupidity out of a genuine lack of knowledge or personal ignorance is somehow understandable, while foolish actions derived from allegiance to an unrighteous cause, be they for recognition or financial profit, should never be considered moral or justifiable. Selling your soul for any cause or reason that is not Godly can never be considered judicious. The elimination of sound doctrine or reason must always be considered the [Read More…]