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There is no accountability where the truth is not being taught. Truth is the framework that righteous living is built upon, it is what motivates and guides us. Nothing can survive without it; there is nothing that can replace what only the truth will give. Jesus said, “I am the way the truth and the life” (John 14:6) He is our only way unto the Father or the only way to Heaven. To accept anything but the truth will put your life into peril, there is only one way to Heaven and that is thru the cross. To preach anything [Read More…]

Living your Faith: GLH

Christianity is not a religion of exclusion and deceit but a relationship with God that promotes acceptance and love. If you study the Holy Bible in an attempt of finding the truth and not in attempting to distort or denying its accuracy, you will find that God’s love has been given unto every one, there are no exceptions or exclusions. No matter how hard you try, you will never prove one word of God’s Word to be untrue or out of place. God is not here to condemn man but to liberate him and to set him free (John 3:17-18). [Read More…]

God controls it all. GLH

While in my solitude, I write, and in my spirit, I sing praise unto His precious name. My heart wants to serve Him; but, in my simple and unsophisticated ways, I am left feeling inadequate and unworthy. I know the kind of man I am, simple and undeserving, but I know that God can accomplish the impossible if I am willing to put my faith and trust in Him. So much of my writing is as though God has given me a bucket full of letters and words and I have been asked to arrange them as I feel He [Read More…]

Chapter Nineteen: God Gives Good Gifts to Those He Loves.

As our earthly father wants to meet the aspirations and requirements of his family, so does our heavenly Father want to meet the many needs of His children. Becoming a child of God is not without rewards; He truly loves and cares for all those He has forgiven. In His love He has promised to meet all our needs, but God will hold all of His children accountable for their behavior, good or bad. As we discussed in a proceeding chapter, God’s Ultimate Gift: sacrificial Love, God’s most priceless gift was the gift of His beloved Son. The Bible says, [Read More…]

The Sincerity of God. Chapter Thirteen, Choosing the Abundant Life

The time is now. We must learn to trust the Lord, and He will supply our needs. By meeting our needs, He will increase our faith. What does that all mean? How do I apply it to daily living? Does it really mean that He will literally do what He said He would do? The more I really get into it, the more I realize that what He said wasn’t just figurative but is deep, down home, realistic. God will never separate Himself from His children, and when we live as if we are alone, we are only denying ourselves [Read More…]

Chapter Eight: God’s Ultimate Gift: Sacrificial Love.

The most wonderful gift of life is to love and to be loved. God created us to love and to be loved because it is in loving that we find the true meaning of completion. When you can get past that point of selfish expectations, then you will experience what true mercy and compassion is all about. Love is the solution to all things good, righteous, and holy. There is never anything harmful found in love; it always seeks to forgive, bind up, and restore. Love is eager to meet the needs of others, to unselfishly give of all it [Read More…]

Chapter Seven: The Ever-Abiding Truth of God.

The more we know about God’s truth, the better we are prepared to secure His triumph. The enemy has spent thousands of years trying to defeat what he knows is the truth. If the number one enemy of Satan is the truth, then it stands to reason why his goal would be the distorting and disguising of that truth. From the very beginning of man, Satan has been on a fervent crusade to destroy the truth of God and His Word. The Bible states that ye shall know the truth, and the truth shall make you free (John 8:32). He, [Read More…]


We live in a world of adversity, misrepresentation and total belligerence. The heart of man has been lied to, cheated on and otherwise treated with hatred and disrespect. We are given the command to be courteous and kind; or, as the Bible puts it, to “love one another” (John 15:12). All around us we see a world that is crying out, not for the wealth and power as one might expect; but, for love. Truly, the one thing that is missing, the one answer or solution to every problem or difficulty, is the quality of universal, unrestricted love. Love joins [Read More…]


The significance of a lie… This evil world strives to take the established things of stability and promise and make them conform to its desires and purpose.  Living a lie, its only intent is to take away what is good and to destroy. Knowing it cannot exist in the light of God’s holy Word; it dauntingly seeks to perpetuate its folly through the riotous actions of ungodly man.  In evil’s unstoppable passion it seeks to bruise and distort. It takes the evil desires of man mixed with a lie from Hell and maintains that its opinions and actions are justifiable [Read More…]


God loves me so much that He only has my well being at heart; He wants to be the supreme leader of my life. That does not mean that I will not have difficult times in my life. It does mean that He will be with me through those times and that I will be granted insight into His eternal love and protection by having to go through those times. If we consider the things we are compelled to endure as difficult and painful, of what merit is it if God sees them as important and redeeming? When I see [Read More…]